Henu Studio Pvt Ltd (HSPL), a New Delhi-based KPO and Design organisation, has been contributing its mite to different areas of book publishing such as Content, Editorial, Design and Illustration, for more than a decade.

Content and development editing by HS Team ensures that the intended ideas are clearly expressed through rewrites and further value adds; and addressing the feedback on the first draft from the client. Line editing and language editing involves taking care of further polishing the content by eliminating wording problems, such as, spelling, grammar, inconsistencies, wordiness and redundancies, setting up standard formatting, building a table of contents, improving headings and subheads, inserting footnotes, and other such big and small details.

The art team at HS consists of technical and creative artists. Technical artists develop charts, graphs, maps, complex tables, scientific structures and drawings, formulas and complex math images. Creative artists work very closely with the editorial team to conceptualise and produce high quality illustrations for multiple subjects and disciplines.